Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I have been working on giving my office a little girly appeal. I need a space that motivates me, as well as keeps things cheerful as I work. My daughter's boyfriend walked in and said "What in the world is this? It is girly."  BINGO, mission accomplished. lol. Well, partially accomplished, as I do have an IKEA trip planned this weekend with the girls from my previous job, so I will be adding just a bit more. Next make it just a bit more girly. It may just become the only room in the house that stays clean, since boys don't like pink. Stay tuned for more pictures and a bit more organization to occur with the pile on my desk.

Window treatment...Craigslist
Awe, found a little star left on the wall from when this was the kids room. Can you find it?
Scored this lamp for $20 at Meijer
This adorable metal pen/pencil holder was a only $5 at Meijer, and it coordinates well with my homemade paperclip holder. Yea me!

Dry erase / Magnet board...Before = boring
and with a touch of love....After = priceless

LOVE my binders!
Piece of cardstock paper and black electrical tape do wonders
My new 'trash can' for papers. Clearance at Meijer $10

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