Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative Couponing

I found this cute folder when going through my daughter's school supplies. I thought it would work wonderful for my coupon idea, and she no longer uses the folder, so bonus for me! I believe I purchased the folder at Target.

This folder has 3 clear double sided (totaling six) double pockets on the inside.

Plus, it has a pocket on the inside and backside covers. I thought this would be great to have the front section hold my grocery list, and then the coupons that correspond with my grocery list could go into the cute little folder flap just below it, labeled 'This trip'.

Each pocket, I labeled for two months. I placed the corresponding index file cards into each pocket. I found that organizing my coupons by monthly expiration works better for me, than by product category. Therefore, behind the monthly index files, I have the coupons that will expire in those particular months. This way I can quickly pull out the ones that will expire the soonest. Also, if I find any deals that are running a particular month, I can print them and place in the big pocket above the coupons for that month.

On the back page, I placed a 'receipt' label. I thought this was a great way to hold onto my receipts until I can file them, instead of adding them to the inside of my ever so heavy, catch-all purse. Plus, we keep track of our receipts for our gluten-free products.

This folder makes it so simple to take shopping with me, and then if I find a special deal, all of my coupons are still with me if I need to sneak into an upcoming months coupons. Happy Couponing!

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