Friday, April 27, 2012

Modge Podge Magnets

I had some fun with this project. I was trying to create some fun magnets that I could utilize for a fundraiser, and I thought of these. Very simple to make, and you could select a series of patterns or themes. Easily use scrapbook paper to match your decor. For this project you will need modge podge, flat clear marbles (I purchased from Hobby Lobby), circle magnets (also purchased from Hobby Lobby), and a glue gun. For these particular ones, I chose to print symbols and various sayings that reflected Crohns Disease. Once I printed these, I cut them down just a bit smaller than the flat marble. I used a pencil to trace around the marble and then cut out the design. You then will need to place the design on the flattest side of the marble (design facing inward) and modge podge it on. I applied a couple coats to be certain that the edges were adhered well. I then used a hot glue gun and placed a dab of glue on the magnet and applied it to the back of the flat marble. Simple as that!

I have made a couple other types also with patterned scrapbook paper. To see this idea, take a peek under my project tab and view the photo of the magnetic recipe holder. These turned out really cute! Have fun!

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