Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Ah love' Oil Bottle Revamp

Ok, the post title comes from the joke we all repeated as a child. Knock knock....who's there? Olive. Olive who? I love you (O-live-you). Sorry, had to reminisce as well as add a twist, because I love Olive Oil. Yummo!

Well, this project is not really intended to hold my Olive Oil. However, it would be a great idea! I revamped this bottle to use as a dish soap dispenser. This way I can keep it on the back of my sink filled with my Dawn dish soap, and it looks pretty. So, this was one of my excellent $3 purchases from Home Goods. It was a 'not so eye pleasing' design of a sunflower with plaid. (Sorry, forgot to take the before picture, since I was so excited to revamp it). So....a little black paint, printer paper, downloads of cafe decor and some of my favorite...Modge Podge, and wa-la!  Now it matches my Cafe decor in my kitchen. Oh happy me!

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