Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hodge Podge to Harmony

Let me start by saying that I never ever go downstairs to our basement. Basements are gross to me, unless we had a newer home with a remodeled basement. On that note, my hubby does all of our laundry (his preference, so who is to argue with that). He says that I use to much laundry detergent. Wonder if I used to many cleaners on the rest of the house, if he would clean that for me too!? Just kidding. So, I finally took a leisurely stroll down to our basement, as our daughter was painting her bedroom and wanted me to see it. Well, as I made it to the bottom of our basement stairs, I glanced to my right into the laundry / storage room. My gracious, I almost hit the floor and hid under a coffee table. Without notice, I thought a tornado was moving through. Needless to say, I set forth to turn this hodge podge into harmony, with Hubby's help of course. This is still a work in progress, as I have some straightening of labels to do (now that hubby is not down there). I also really hope to talk him into that he will offer to paint the walls a cheerful color for me. Yes I know that I said that I don't go into the basement, but if it was a happy, organized space, maybe I would assist in hanging up the clothes and folding them (if he so allows). Well, here are some pictures of the work in progress. I honestly cannot believe that I am going to post the before pictures. This takes alot for me to post, but my hope is to help someone else that is in the same predicament realize that they too can have an organized space.

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  1. Oh dear, that's a lot of work! Look forward to seeing the "after" photos. Painting a cheery color is a good idea. Wonder if I could paint our stone basement walls...