Saturday, March 31, 2012

Organize your Rewards Cards

I found this really simple, organized, fun app for the android phone. I love to share, so here you go... This app organizes your rewards or points cards from your favorite stores. Just search 'Key Ring' in the Droid Market. Start by downloading and then opening the app. Then click add card and place the scanner bar window on your phone over the bar code on your rewards card. This is extremely easy and user friendly! Once you scan your cards, you can view them by clicking the 'cards' icon. They are then listed in alphabetical order for easy access. You then click the card you would like, and it will pull up a scan bar code with your rewards number. The store just scans or enters the number in the register, and you are on your way! The really nice feature was that I was able to locate all my stores on the app, except for one of my grocery stores. This app helps save you from your wallet being so thick, misplacing a card, or forgetting a card. Have fun being organized!

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