Monday, October 29, 2012

Planner Organization

Ok, I admit...I am a planner addict. In this busy life of Mom, Wife, Nurse, Thirty-One Consultant and Volunteer; I really need to stay organized. I just switched planners this past week, because on my morning stop to Staples, I fell in love. I am a very visual person, and LOVE color!  (Almost colored the cover on this  I went from this very large planner 8-1/2 x 11

To this adorable, colorful, perfect size 7-1/2 x 9 planner, that will fit much better in my purse :)

This planner is one of the Martha Stewart Home Office products. And, oh my gracious, I have to say that I was so excited when I saw this line of products become available. They are so adorable, and yet functional. This picture shows the inside cover, which has a nice pocket to hold my colorful tear-drop shaped color coding labels, as well as the colorful tab labels. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that this is a 3 ring binder style, because this way I can add all my own favorite areas throughout the planner.

For instance, here are the colorful tabs that I used to label my months across the top for easy viewing.

And, a view of the full month. I love that Martha has included helpful tips on various days throughout the months. (And FYI, Martha is on a first name basis with me now. Unknowingly to her, we have bonded)

Here is another great product from Martha's Home Office line. The business card sheet protectors. I have so many cards from all of the various doctor's that my family has to see, that it is nice to keep them organized in here. I even used my label maker and each family member has their name along the side of the page with their particular doctor's business card information. This makes it very quick and easy for me to access, when needing to contact them.

I still need to make another stop back to the store and pick up Martha's zipper pouch to hold my colored pens. Yes, each family member has a color, which makes my planner even more fun....and understandable 'at a glance'. Oh happy me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Join In On Thursday Fun

The first 5 Blog sites to comment on my page, will get me browsing through their blog site. I will then be posting my favorite finds, one from each blog, onto my site. This is your opportunity to shine!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Decorating for Fall

I want to start by showing you this great inexpensive idea for creating Fall front door decor. This idea came from a pin on Pinterest from Nellis Hills Blog. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

All year long, I have to find decor to beautify my very dated ugly front door. Google and Pinterest have become my very good friends. Once I find an idea that I like, I save it in a decor folder on my computer, so that I can access it easily in the future. Here is a picture of my door. See, told you it was not pretty!

 For this project, I made a quick trip to our local Dollar store and purchased a black 5x7 picture frame, some Fall colored artificial flowers and some pretty ribbon. I rushed home in excitement to start my project.

I started by removing the glass that came in the frame and set it aside for another project. I then pulled all the flower heads off the stems. Using my hot glue gun, that I love so much, I applied glue to the bottom center of each flower and placed it onto the frame. I worked my way around the frame, making sure that all of the flowers were slightly overlapping each other. I continued until the frame was covered.

While the glue dried, I got the ribbon and estimated the length, according to how long the decor would hang from the top of my front door. I proceeded to cut the needed length. Once the flowers were dry, I wrapped the ribbon under the top of the frame and then tied a bow in the top. I then added a couple long 'streamers' and secured it to my door with magnets. Here is the finished product. (It is hanging straight now, but not in the picture)

Final cost of project $5. Oh happy me!

Here is a peek of the front door from the outside, with the help "oops" from my son opening the door while I was taking the picture. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking time today

Today I was able to enjoy getting outside in the 70 degree sunny weather. It is supposed to be in the 50's here in a few days, so had to jump at the opportunity to get my daughter's senior pictures taken. I decided that I would take them this year (with my new camera), and try to save some money. I can actually say that I am proud of myself. I think they turned out really nice.

And here comes my soapbox....Seeing my beautiful almost 17 year old daughter growing up so fast, pulls at my heart-strings. Where has time gone? How could 17 years go by so quickly? I still remember her standing on her pink and white rocking chair in her blue plaid skirt with pink shirt, giving me a big chubby cheek dimple smile....knowing that she was not supposed to be standing on the chair. Now, she has grown up into a beautiful teenager. I took the time today as I was taking her pictures, to recall those memories of her being just a little baby girl. Now as I look at her, still as my baby girl, but also a beautiful, strong, kind-hearted, caring young woman. my heart is filled with joy. Here are a few of my favorites~



Sunday, September 30, 2012

Does someone hear crickets (aka:cricuts)?

Hearing cricuts (crickets) is a joke of mine with my hubby. I have been begging hoping for a cricut machine to start making really dreamy vinyl projects. So each time he would send me a text message, I would ask him if he could hear the 'cricuts'. He caught on pretty quick. Well, I can certainly say...Score! I found a cricut machine on a resale site. One great thing, is that it was priced right. And secondly, it was for sale right in my neighborhood. I think it was meant to be. (girly smile) Another added bonus, is that it is pink. (batting eyelashes and giggling like a little girl).

The night I brought her it home, we spent hours getting to know each other. I discovered so many fun fonts and options on this machine. It is going to take some practice, however, I think I can handle it. I cannot wait to get some vinyl and start making some fun decor. And, the OCD in me wants to vinyl label everything in the house. My family is so lucky (they are probably rolling their eyes about now).

Here is a picture of my new addition:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer-time flash back

Can I just start by gracious. Where did the summer go?  Yes, I look back now and realize that I pretty much took the summer off from writing my blog. Not a good idea, when I have been hoping to gather more friends :)  Now I have ALOT of catching up to do!

Alot changed over the summer for me. I resigned at my full-time nursing job of 5 years, and accepted a new opportunity working as a nurse on the weekends and from home. This allows me to be home with the kids during the week, as well as see my hubby more often. It is a win-win! Well, actually it was a bitter-sweet decision. I really LOVE the girls that I worked with, and knew that I would miss them. However, I was ready to fulfill my joy of being a Mom! And, as a bonus...I still see the girls that I worked with at least once every month or two. We do motor-home shopping road trips, and it is so much fun. Alot of laughter, mommy talk and memories are made on those trips. Sorry, don't think the girls want me to share our stories on here.

Well, since having a bit more time on my hands over the summer, the kids and I went to a couple different beaches (one being the BIG lake...yes, Lake Michigan). We have lived here all of our children's lives, and have never taken them to Lake Michigan. (Bad, I know). We also enjoyed time with cousins at the John Ball Zoo, tried different ice-cream places in order to determine our favorite flavors, played games, went swimming and made crafts. It was a nice summer, but went by just a bit to quickly for me. I love having my kids home.

Now that routine is back in our lives with the start of school, and I am home during the week (did I already mention that), I get to have 'me' time during the day, which I never had before. I am able to clean, organize, exercise, bake, make crafts, paint, read...or even take a nap. I am even able to volunteer at Kaidin's school aka: 'little Bubba', and go on field trips with him. The teenagers don't want me on field trips. Oh wait, that was the school bus, not the field trip bus?....oops, sorry kids. (Just kidding).

Anyway, right now in my life, I am finally feeling fulfillment in my mommy duties, and I am loving every minute of it.

Stay tuned for some of my project postings. I have had time to do some fun things and have great ideas to share. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hokey Maskros

Yes, I really did mean to say "hokey maskros". Maskros is the name of the beautiful pendant lamp that I purchased on my recent shopping trip to IKEA. Score! I have been drooling dreaming over this on other blogs and in the catalog for quite some time. Just could not think of the perfect place for it in my home. Well, problem girly office was now the home of this new delight. Even when I was bonding with the lamp at IKEA (yes, I stared at it for probably a good 10-15 minutes), a very nice lady approached me and said "my friend has that light on her vaulted entry-way ceiling, and it is absolutely gorgeous". that I think about it, she was probably a secret shopper or spokesperson for IKEA. Just kidding. Well, that was my final straw...I caved and gently placed it in my cart and proceeded to prance throughout the store like Cinderella in her glass slippers.

When you see the picture of the before and after, you will understand why I needed something different in my office. And let me just say, do take a moment to notice all of the NASTY absolutely disgusting dust that accumulates on that ceiling fan. (Yep, I showed you...which is a HUGE accomplishment for me). The fan was also not a help (other than to keep me cool because I am always hot), but, I am allergic to a multitude of things, so goodbye extra dust....hello, beautiful light.

Before....outdated and yuck!  And please ignore the stars on the tall children need to remove them for me.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Classy Cupboard Re~org

Ok, I had a fabulous time on my annual IKEA shopping trip with all my past co-workers. Was a bit disappointed when we arrived at IKEA, because they are in the process of remodeling and therefore ALOT of there shelves were empty or had minimal selection. And this girl had one big list she wanted to shop for that day. Well, it all worked out....we planned another trip for this Fall, when they have all there new merchandise in stock. Yea me! Of course I am still happy, who wouldn't be after shopping at IKEA!? I still found some great items and I will be sharing these with you in various posts.

For now, here is a pic of the very nice storage boxes that I found to organize my small desk cupboard. These boxes are pretty heavy duty, easy to assemble and classy in black with the silver accents too! I still need to label them...been a bit slow on that one. IKEA Storage Boxes These storage boxes were only $6 for a set of two.

As you can see from the pictures, this cupboard was a MESS! And, anyone that walked through my dining area could see the clutter that adorned. Not a pretty site.

And now, it is all beautified...oh happy me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Ah love' Oil Bottle Revamp

Ok, the post title comes from the joke we all repeated as a child. Knock knock....who's there? Olive. Olive who? I love you (O-live-you). Sorry, had to reminisce as well as add a twist, because I love Olive Oil. Yummo!

Well, this project is not really intended to hold my Olive Oil. However, it would be a great idea! I revamped this bottle to use as a dish soap dispenser. This way I can keep it on the back of my sink filled with my Dawn dish soap, and it looks pretty. So, this was one of my excellent $3 purchases from Home Goods. It was a 'not so eye pleasing' design of a sunflower with plaid. (Sorry, forgot to take the before picture, since I was so excited to revamp it). So....a little black paint, printer paper, downloads of cafe decor and some of my favorite...Modge Podge, and wa-la!  Now it matches my Cafe decor in my kitchen. Oh happy me!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I have been working on giving my office a little girly appeal. I need a space that motivates me, as well as keeps things cheerful as I work. My daughter's boyfriend walked in and said "What in the world is this? It is girly."  BINGO, mission accomplished. lol. Well, partially accomplished, as I do have an IKEA trip planned this weekend with the girls from my previous job, so I will be adding just a bit more. Next make it just a bit more girly. It may just become the only room in the house that stays clean, since boys don't like pink. Stay tuned for more pictures and a bit more organization to occur with the pile on my desk.

Window treatment...Craigslist
Awe, found a little star left on the wall from when this was the kids room. Can you find it?
Scored this lamp for $20 at Meijer
This adorable metal pen/pencil holder was a only $5 at Meijer, and it coordinates well with my homemade paperclip holder. Yea me!

Dry erase / Magnet board...Before = boring
and with a touch of love....After = priceless

LOVE my binders!
Piece of cardstock paper and black electrical tape do wonders
My new 'trash can' for papers. Clearance at Meijer $10

Friday, April 27, 2012

Modge Podge Magnets

I had some fun with this project. I was trying to create some fun magnets that I could utilize for a fundraiser, and I thought of these. Very simple to make, and you could select a series of patterns or themes. Easily use scrapbook paper to match your decor. For this project you will need modge podge, flat clear marbles (I purchased from Hobby Lobby), circle magnets (also purchased from Hobby Lobby), and a glue gun. For these particular ones, I chose to print symbols and various sayings that reflected Crohns Disease. Once I printed these, I cut them down just a bit smaller than the flat marble. I used a pencil to trace around the marble and then cut out the design. You then will need to place the design on the flattest side of the marble (design facing inward) and modge podge it on. I applied a couple coats to be certain that the edges were adhered well. I then used a hot glue gun and placed a dab of glue on the magnet and applied it to the back of the flat marble. Simple as that!

I have made a couple other types also with patterned scrapbook paper. To see this idea, take a peek under my project tab and view the photo of the magnetic recipe holder. These turned out really cute! Have fun!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative Couponing

I found this cute folder when going through my daughter's school supplies. I thought it would work wonderful for my coupon idea, and she no longer uses the folder, so bonus for me! I believe I purchased the folder at Target.

This folder has 3 clear double sided (totaling six) double pockets on the inside.

Plus, it has a pocket on the inside and backside covers. I thought this would be great to have the front section hold my grocery list, and then the coupons that correspond with my grocery list could go into the cute little folder flap just below it, labeled 'This trip'.

Each pocket, I labeled for two months. I placed the corresponding index file cards into each pocket. I found that organizing my coupons by monthly expiration works better for me, than by product category. Therefore, behind the monthly index files, I have the coupons that will expire in those particular months. This way I can quickly pull out the ones that will expire the soonest. Also, if I find any deals that are running a particular month, I can print them and place in the big pocket above the coupons for that month.

On the back page, I placed a 'receipt' label. I thought this was a great way to hold onto my receipts until I can file them, instead of adding them to the inside of my ever so heavy, catch-all purse. Plus, we keep track of our receipts for our gluten-free products.

This folder makes it so simple to take shopping with me, and then if I find a special deal, all of my coupons are still with me if I need to sneak into an upcoming months coupons. Happy Couponing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Binders Galore

I have to share a funny story with you. I have been having so much fun organizing and labeling everything in our house lately. Well, the other night, our daughter made a loaf of banana bread. After everyone had a slice, I set it in the cooled oven for the night, just so it was not sitting on the counter. Well...hubby came home from work and I told him about the bread, in which he proceeded to have a slice. The following day, he was cooking our family dinner, and happened to preheat the oven. Needless to say, after a beautiful horrific aroma in the house, he proceeded to open the oven door, discovering that he had forgotten that the bread was in the oven. Well, the banana bread went through another 'bake cycle'. So, guess what hubby's comment was to me? "I am surprised that you didn't have the oven door labeled stating that bread was in the oven." Oh, isn't he funny!? Ok, so I thought I would have a bit of fun with that one, and quickly generated a label and applied it to the handle on the oven door, just as a nice reminder to check the oven prior to pre-heating. As much as I love to label, I did remove it from the oven later that evening, as it did not look very attractive. Ok, so on to my reason for this blog....

Lately I have been having the urge to organize things into binders. There are so many pretty binder colors and designs, it makes it exciting and fun to organize. (And for those of us who are a bit OCD, it just gives us a reason to shop for cute binders). Plus, all of your important information is right at your fingertips. For instance, I organized a simple Menu binder of our favorite take-out food restaurants. I received the cute idea from She is so kind, that she offers a free download of her template, just stop by and visit her page.

When thinking of how this binder would accommodate my family, I decided to adapt my main page to list the restaurant name, the hours they are open, or when they close, and the contact phone number. I placed the menus into a clear page protector and placed a nice bright color paper behind each menu, just to make it appealing to my eyes. As I receive coupons for the restaurants, I can place them adjacent to the menus. I love having all of this information in one place. Believe me, our 'junk' drawer made it a bit difficult to locate all of this information previously. And yes, I do happen to have a junk drawer. Guess I need to work on organizing that too! Maybe I could rename it 'the organized drawer'. Oh, I could have fun with my hubby on that one. "Yes honey, we have a tape is in the organized drawer." Where would he ever begin to look!?

Well, here is a peak at my take-out menu binder. Thanks again to for the cute idea and cover sheet. Now, it is nicely kept together in the binder, and adorns my office bookshelf.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Fun Projects

Well, I have been working on a few new fun projects in my office. Trying to get things coordinated and a color theme going. Lots to do yet, but thought I would share some of the pics showing my progress. The first two pictures are a separate project that I did over the weekend.

This homemade file holder is made from a cereal box and card stock paper. This cute gadget will hold Kaidin's homework until it is due on Fridays. 

This is where I decided to place it, since this is where the kids hang their backpacks everyday. 

Now, onto my office...

My goal for this was to pull some more pink into my office. I used a cute file folder to cut out my initial.

And then, I changed the color of the inside of my file drawers. 

And, this was my final project. I made these adorable cherry blossoms from card stock and glued them on some tree branches from my back yard. To incorporate a bit more pink, I added pink ribbon to my existing black baskets. So much fun, and I am happy with how they turned out.