Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer-time flash back

Can I just start by gracious. Where did the summer go?  Yes, I look back now and realize that I pretty much took the summer off from writing my blog. Not a good idea, when I have been hoping to gather more friends :)  Now I have ALOT of catching up to do!

Alot changed over the summer for me. I resigned at my full-time nursing job of 5 years, and accepted a new opportunity working as a nurse on the weekends and from home. This allows me to be home with the kids during the week, as well as see my hubby more often. It is a win-win! Well, actually it was a bitter-sweet decision. I really LOVE the girls that I worked with, and knew that I would miss them. However, I was ready to fulfill my joy of being a Mom! And, as a bonus...I still see the girls that I worked with at least once every month or two. We do motor-home shopping road trips, and it is so much fun. Alot of laughter, mommy talk and memories are made on those trips. Sorry, don't think the girls want me to share our stories on here.

Well, since having a bit more time on my hands over the summer, the kids and I went to a couple different beaches (one being the BIG lake...yes, Lake Michigan). We have lived here all of our children's lives, and have never taken them to Lake Michigan. (Bad, I know). We also enjoyed time with cousins at the John Ball Zoo, tried different ice-cream places in order to determine our favorite flavors, played games, went swimming and made crafts. It was a nice summer, but went by just a bit to quickly for me. I love having my kids home.

Now that routine is back in our lives with the start of school, and I am home during the week (did I already mention that), I get to have 'me' time during the day, which I never had before. I am able to clean, organize, exercise, bake, make crafts, paint, read...or even take a nap. I am even able to volunteer at Kaidin's school aka: 'little Bubba', and go on field trips with him. The teenagers don't want me on field trips. Oh wait, that was the school bus, not the field trip bus?....oops, sorry kids. (Just kidding).

Anyway, right now in my life, I am finally feeling fulfillment in my mommy duties, and I am loving every minute of it.

Stay tuned for some of my project postings. I have had time to do some fun things and have great ideas to share. 

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