Sunday, September 30, 2012

Does someone hear crickets (aka:cricuts)?

Hearing cricuts (crickets) is a joke of mine with my hubby. I have been begging hoping for a cricut machine to start making really dreamy vinyl projects. So each time he would send me a text message, I would ask him if he could hear the 'cricuts'. He caught on pretty quick. Well, I can certainly say...Score! I found a cricut machine on a resale site. One great thing, is that it was priced right. And secondly, it was for sale right in my neighborhood. I think it was meant to be. (girly smile) Another added bonus, is that it is pink. (batting eyelashes and giggling like a little girl).

The night I brought her it home, we spent hours getting to know each other. I discovered so many fun fonts and options on this machine. It is going to take some practice, however, I think I can handle it. I cannot wait to get some vinyl and start making some fun decor. And, the OCD in me wants to vinyl label everything in the house. My family is so lucky (they are probably rolling their eyes about now).

Here is a picture of my new addition: