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Fireplace Mantel...

 Here are a couple pictures of my fireplace mantel. I really have never done much with it until I saw the mantel of one of the physicians that I work with. Her mantel looks like it belongs in a magazine. So darn cute. I will of course show you her picture last, then maybe mine won't appear so bad to start. 

 Thanks to my great friend (the physician), I adopted some of her previous mantel items, and therefore was able to spruce mine up a bit this Spring.

 My Fall decor, is still not to intriguing, however it will have to do for now. Plus the kids love it!

Drum roll please....here it is...the fireplace mantel that is completely magazine material. Beautiful, don't you agree? I love it so much that I tried to let her talk me into painting my fireplace white...but she thought I should leave it natural. I really like the white...I feel that the decor really 'pops' a bit more. (I might just paint my fireplace yet...shhh). 

Coming soon will be the Christmas mantel. I love, love, love, Christmas. Thinking of decorating similar to some of these.  

                                                                 Idea From houzz.com

                                                           Idea from designingmyho.me

Let me know your thoughts on painting my fireplace brick white. Would love to hear feedback. 


Here are a few pictures of my home. These rooms are still a work in progress, however, thought I would at least give you an idea of my decorating. I will be enjoying a trip to IKEA in a couple weeks, and have hopes to find some exciting things to add to my rooms. I will then, update my photos to show you all my treasures! Our home is a bit small, but cozy...so I have a difficult time showing the full room in a picture.

Dining Room...

This is my favorite little organizing caddy for all of the kids school supplies. Found this at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon!

Family Room...

And now on to my girly front living room...(Still a work in progress)


Our Sun Room

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