Thursday, May 24, 2012

Classy Cupboard Re~org

Ok, I had a fabulous time on my annual IKEA shopping trip with all my past co-workers. Was a bit disappointed when we arrived at IKEA, because they are in the process of remodeling and therefore ALOT of there shelves were empty or had minimal selection. And this girl had one big list she wanted to shop for that day. Well, it all worked out....we planned another trip for this Fall, when they have all there new merchandise in stock. Yea me! Of course I am still happy, who wouldn't be after shopping at IKEA!? I still found some great items and I will be sharing these with you in various posts.

For now, here is a pic of the very nice storage boxes that I found to organize my small desk cupboard. These boxes are pretty heavy duty, easy to assemble and classy in black with the silver accents too! I still need to label them...been a bit slow on that one. IKEA Storage Boxes These storage boxes were only $6 for a set of two.

As you can see from the pictures, this cupboard was a MESS! And, anyone that walked through my dining area could see the clutter that adorned. Not a pretty site.

And now, it is all beautified...oh happy me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Ah love' Oil Bottle Revamp

Ok, the post title comes from the joke we all repeated as a child. Knock knock....who's there? Olive. Olive who? I love you (O-live-you). Sorry, had to reminisce as well as add a twist, because I love Olive Oil. Yummo!

Well, this project is not really intended to hold my Olive Oil. However, it would be a great idea! I revamped this bottle to use as a dish soap dispenser. This way I can keep it on the back of my sink filled with my Dawn dish soap, and it looks pretty. So, this was one of my excellent $3 purchases from Home Goods. It was a 'not so eye pleasing' design of a sunflower with plaid. (Sorry, forgot to take the before picture, since I was so excited to revamp it). So....a little black paint, printer paper, downloads of cafe decor and some of my favorite...Modge Podge, and wa-la!  Now it matches my Cafe decor in my kitchen. Oh happy me!