Thursday, October 18, 2012

Decorating for Fall

I want to start by showing you this great inexpensive idea for creating Fall front door decor. This idea came from a pin on Pinterest from Nellis Hills Blog. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

All year long, I have to find decor to beautify my very dated ugly front door. Google and Pinterest have become my very good friends. Once I find an idea that I like, I save it in a decor folder on my computer, so that I can access it easily in the future. Here is a picture of my door. See, told you it was not pretty!

 For this project, I made a quick trip to our local Dollar store and purchased a black 5x7 picture frame, some Fall colored artificial flowers and some pretty ribbon. I rushed home in excitement to start my project.

I started by removing the glass that came in the frame and set it aside for another project. I then pulled all the flower heads off the stems. Using my hot glue gun, that I love so much, I applied glue to the bottom center of each flower and placed it onto the frame. I worked my way around the frame, making sure that all of the flowers were slightly overlapping each other. I continued until the frame was covered.

While the glue dried, I got the ribbon and estimated the length, according to how long the decor would hang from the top of my front door. I proceeded to cut the needed length. Once the flowers were dry, I wrapped the ribbon under the top of the frame and then tied a bow in the top. I then added a couple long 'streamers' and secured it to my door with magnets. Here is the finished product. (It is hanging straight now, but not in the picture)

Final cost of project $5. Oh happy me!

Here is a peek of the front door from the outside, with the help "oops" from my son opening the door while I was taking the picture. 

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